What to Bring in Your Gay-Friendly Travel Destination

It is important for gay travelers to do their research before traveling to a new destination. Don’t forget important things that will make your travel more memorable. Here are some of the things you shouldn’t forget.

1. Speedos

Whether you’re going to a gay beach, an all-male resort, or a themed party on a gay cruise, you’ll want to bring your speedos. These white elastic body harnesses are cheap, easy to pack, and really help elevate your look.

Sometimes masking is your safest bet. Keep your personal info private with this anti-spy privacy screen protector so you can sext that horny Grindr date while on public transport without anyone seeing it. It also makes a great gay travel gift for a sexy friend!

2. Underwear

When attending a gay pride festival or traveling to an LGBTQ-friendly destination in the summertime, be sure to pack a few pairs of sexy underwear. Whether you choose a hot jockstrap or a pair of thong underwear, be sure to pack something that makes your ass look banging.

If you’re planning on going to a pride event, consider packing sexy mesh clothing from notoriously gay brands like Addicted and ES Collection. They use Fair Trade fabric that is both sustainable for the workers and for the environment.

3. Harness

Harnesses are a must-have for any gay man who likes to go to parties on vacation. They are easy to pack and they look quite alluring, especially when worn shirtless. They also make for a great accessory to bring to fetish parties.

Be aware that levels of tolerance vary widely from country to city, so it is important to do your research. Some countries do not tolerate consensual same-sex activity, so be careful and respectful. It’s also worth knowing that public displays of affection may receive unwanted attention.

4. Personal Care Kit

A reusable lube bottle is essential for any gay traveler. It will save you from having to pay for small packages at the club and also makes it easy for you to sext your dirty pics on public transport without anyone being nosy!

A full douche kit is also a must. It will ensure you always have fresh breath and can confidently top or bottom at any gay club or party. A bum bag, or fanny pack, is the perfect accessory to wear whilst traveling and can fit everything you need, plus it looks cool too!

5. Reusable Lube Bottle

A reusable lube bottle will be a lifesaver for any hook-up sessions you might be having while traveling. Sure you can find some at gay bars but it is always nice to be prepared!

It is also important to pack a few small packages of lube for parties and other events you might attend while traveling. Remember to bring condoms and your PrEP as well!

6. Handheld Steamer

Group trips are an increasingly popular way for gay travelers to explore new places. These trips can include culinary, scenic, and adventurous activities.

Group trips can be a great opportunity to meet new people. Many gay groups are a mix of singles, couples, and casual friends. Traveling in a group often raises less eyebrows than traveling as a same-sex couple. This can make for more social and romantic interactions.

7. Shaving Kit

A shaving kit with a razor, cologne, and whips is great for staying fresh, smelling good, and looking handsome on your travels. It’s also a wonderful gift for a gay friend before they head out on a trip.

Sure, backpacking and hook-up culture go hand-in-hand in many gay cities, but it’s important to practice safe sex while traveling. A few raspberry-flavored condoms never hurt anyone! And don’t forget your PrEP! Those little blue pills are the best protection against spreading STIs while traveling. Always travel with a partner where possible.