Why Do Girls Watch Gay Porn?

Pornhub continues to release user data annually and it has become apparent that women comprise 37% of its gay male porn viewers – especially among viewers 18-24 years old who prefer hunk or ftm porn videos.

Lucy Neville was taken aback when this result surprised her; this discovery became the basis for her new book Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, after interviewing and surveying over 500 women for research purposes.

1. It’s a form of self-expression

Lucy Neville was taken aback when Pornhub released its user data in 2015, which revealed that women made up more than 33% of gay male porn views on the platform. Her research, released this month in her book Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, proves this fact by showing how women who may or may not find attraction to men are just as fond of watching male-on-male porn.

Neville’s interviews with female viewers reveal that they appreciate the versatility of gay pornography and find it more authentic than heterosexual material. Furthermore, they appreciate how its depictions of sex acts are not stereotypical; thus enabling them to learn about masculinity while exploring various kinks or sexual desires through it.

Neville interviewed some women who said they enjoyed gay porn because it allows them to look at men without feeling objectified or judged, while others, especially survivors of rape or assault, found it an effective way of experiencing sexual arousal without dealing with uncomfortable power dynamics present in heterosexual erotica.

One of the more eye-opening findings from Neville’s research was that 55 percent of her interviewees reported fantasizing themselves as men while masturbating to gay porn, suggesting that sexual attraction and identity don’t always revolve around gender binary categories. Clinical psychologist Itumeleng Mamabolo agrees with this assessment; noting that people’s sexualities often don’t fit neatly into any specific box.

2. It’s a way to explore sexuality

Researchers have discovered that straight women make up 37% of views on Pornhub for male gay porn, many being curious or interested in anal sex to looking for potential partners for an ongoing dom/sub relationship.

Researchers involved with this study believe females are drawn to gay pornography because it offers unique perspectives that cannot be found elsewhere, and because same-sex relationships don’t conform to conventional gender roles; which many find attractive. They also point out how same-sex relationships may not follow gender expectations which some find appealing as it challenges gender roles that often limit female participation in heterosexual relationships.

Additionally, they noted that many women experience their sexuality as fluid; watching male pornography provides one means to explore and refine it. Some participants reported using pornography to learn more about male body parts while practicing stereotypically gay acts such as anal penetration with their partners.

Women often turn to gay porn as an escape from everyday life and to regain power over their bodies. Gay porn provides them with more realistic portrayals than straight porn, giving them permission to fantasize freely about men’s penises and dangly balls without feeling self-conscious or pressured into anything too sexual or inappropriate.

Other participants reported enjoying the voyeuristic aspects of gay porn, feeling empowered that they could look at men’s genitalia without offending anyone. Furthermore, survivors of sexual assault or rape reported using it to explore their own kinks or fetishes without experiencing the unsettling power dynamics that often exist within heterosexual porn.

3. It’s a way to bond with friends

Researchers are often shocked to see that female viewers make up a sizable percentage of gay male-on-male viewing on Pornhub – it’s the second-most watched content after lesbian content!

Pornhub, with over 115 million daily views, took sexuality researcher Lucy Neville by surprise with its 2015 findings. In her book Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys she discovered that women make up over one third of Pornhub’s gay male porn views on its platform.

Pornography can be hard to define, so Neville conducted several online questionnaires and focus group interviews with women to ascertain their preferences in pornography. She found that many were drawn towards gay male porn, as it felt more natural than heterosexual porn. Furthermore, consensual sex made for more enjoyable experience free from patriarchal influence.

The study revealed that many women were intrigued by the variety of scenarios depicted in gay porn, such as married lovers, siblings and incest. Heterosexual porn often shows women focusing solely on pleasing male subjects – an experience many may find unnatural and even dangerous – while gay porn typically depicts sexual encounters between friends or strangers rather than only between one male subject and female subject – making the action more relatable for female viewers.

4. It’s a way to explore sexuality

Research by Pornhub, one of the world’s most popular porn websites, revealed that male-on-male pornography was the second-most viewed genre among women – second only to lesbian content – drawing widespread outrage and leading Lucy Neville to base her 2018 book Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys around these findings.

Her study, consisting of interviews and surveys with over 500 women, unearthed some intriguing insight into why straight females are drawn to visualizing m/m sex. Most participants viewed it as an outlet to explore sexuality while watching gay porn didn’t seem as fake compared to mainstream shows featuring erections and ejaculation which many women feel are chemically-induced or not authentic.

Gay porn is so widely enjoyed because it offers different perspectives on sexuality than heterosexual content does, such as depictions of same-sex relationships that don’t conform to traditional gender roles – something women find attractive.

Gay pornography actors tend to be homosexual or bisexual men themselves, which adds a level of authenticity that mainstream sex videos often lack. Furthermore, these guys take great joy in what they do and often show it through their performances.

How Much Do Gay Porn Stars Make?

At first glance, it may seem counterintuitive that men in adult entertainment earn significantly more than their female counterparts; but there may be deeper reasons at work here.

Gay pornstars like Legrand Wolf porn can make quite a buck shooting their scenes but typically porn models make between $500-1,000 per scene. With such an established following and brand recognition comes greater compensation.

Pay per scene

At its highest levels, porn stars can earn hundreds of thousands annually in an industry worth nearly $15 billion. But it isn’t a career for everyone and many new performers struggle financially until finding financial security through either one or two shoots or staying with it longer term.

Female performers generally make more than their male counterparts; however, this varies based on what they do and how well they’re able to sell it. For instance, a model with a large following might earn more due to becoming an established brand with additional opportunities for earning through brand shoots.

Male porn stars typically earn between $500 to $1,000 per scene, though more renowned models like Cody Cachet or Brent Corrigan can make more. Unfortunately, however, this alone won’t suffice – particularly for newcomers to the industry who live outside a large city; most supplement their income through services such as escorting services, merchandise selling or strip clubs.

Though many men are drawn to the sex industry because it offers them lucrative paychecks, many struggle with sexual addiction and mental health issues that impact performance in this industry. Unfortunately, many performers fail in this business due to these struggles – however there are some tricks you can use to increase your chances of success and finally achieve six-pack abs.

Pay per hour

Porn stars often get the wrong idea: that they’re college students sexting on camera to pay off student loans. That isn’t exactly true – many performers have multiple streams of income like sponsorship and merchandise sales which could put them on track to make six figures!

Male performers typically make between $500-$1,000 per scene. More popular models with large followings can make as much as $5,000 per scene based on pay scale – double entendre may yield an extra $100 payment, while two twinks getting hot wax poured onto them and being fisted can potentially add another $2,500 payment.

As the industry is multibillion-dollar in scale, most of its money goes directly into studio coffers – making it difficult for new performers to break into it and find work that pays. Without being able to move to larger cities it may also be harder finding work that allows you to support yourself financially.

Male porn actors frequently supplement their acting income with go-go dancing and concession sales at studios, with popular actors often selling merchandise to promote themselves directly and working at strip clubs – sometimes making more than their female counterparts in total.

Pay per minute

Adult industry business is worth billions, yet much of it remains obscure and hidden from public scrutiny. Companies may inflate or deflate numbers to fit with company expectations, making verification difficult – yet many stars seem to make huge paychecks each month! So just how much do adult stars actually earn?

On average, male porn actors can expect to make approximately $35,000 annually. A minimum requirement for becoming an actor in this industry is having professional modeling photos and work history in the industry – however there may also be alternative routes in such as amateur sex tape submission.

However, an actor’s salary largely depends on their popularity and longevity in the industry. While some stars can command six-figure incomes, there are also plenty of performers who never reach that status.

If you want a career in pornography, moving to a major city with an active pornography scene could increase your chances of landing roles and earning money, as well as networking with performers and industry professionals. Plus, working can supplement income from go-go dancing or merchandise sales; successful performers often use their popularity to establish personal brands which lead to additional streams such as appearances and escorting gigs.

Pay per sex

Pornography’s pay can be substantial, yet determining an accurate figure can be challenging. Most performers don’t disclose their salaries publicly and the U.S. Census doesn’t collect data about studios that specialize in pornography; additionally, porn stars tend to move around regularly making it hard to obtain an exact figure without some form of guesswork involved.

Male performers usually earn between $500-$1000 per scene or day; higher-ranked male performers may make even more. Aside from performing, some actors also rake in income through merchandise sales such as T-shirts and strip clubs as well as paid streaming websites like Only Fans.

Male porn actors may make six-figures annually, yet this is far from being an industry average salary. Most actors often make less than that and rarely exceed $100k annually when taking all expenses into consideration.

How to Get Into Gay Pornography

Working in the porn industry is a dream come true for many people, but success requires more than having good looks and knowing how to do proper bareback sex. Working hard and learning from those in the know are vital components to becoming part of this industry.

At first, it may come as a shock that some straight men enjoy watching gay porn. According to research, their reasons don’t always coincide with their sexuality.

1. Become a model

Porn models are the stars of their films, and are compensated accordingly. Their job requires looking great while acting naturally, which can be tough under pressure when in front of a camera. But their dedication makes them stars – make no mistake about it!

Top performers may make over $500 per scene. Most gay porn stars, however, make much less; their rates depending on both producer and model.

Porn isn’t a closed community like some might assume; in fact, it welcomes all kinds of people from various walks of life. Joey Mills even launched a campaign for studios to pay bottom male talent at least $1,000 per scene – this idea could greatly assist the industry as whole! People dream about becoming porn stars but only some ever become successful stars themselves.

2. Become a model agent

Model agents are hired by porn websites like Pornhub or Spankbang to find models for their videos. Agents typically receive a portion of any earnings made by models they represent as compensation.

Entering the gay porn industry may seem like the dream job for many men; they envision going onto sets everyday, having sex with handsome men, and earning millions in profits – yet the reality of becoming a gay porn star can be much more complicated.

First and foremost, to become a porn star you need an aesthetically pleasing body; that means having big dicks and muscular physique. Furthermore, you must be willing to explore roleplaying, be badass and express yourself before the camera – as well as deal with rejection while maintaining integrity – while having a backup plan should you choose to leave the industry.

3. Become a model director

At first glance, becoming a pornstar may appear to be an ideal career option: every day on set means more men to fuck and an opportunity to build an empire around porn. Unfortunately, however, becoming a pornstar is far from effortless: behind the scenes lies plenty of hard work that may close doors in later career endeavors.

Maintaining personal integrity can be one of the hardest challenges of being part of such a public industry, which is why it’s essential that you do your research prior to signing any contracts with studios or websites.

Pornstar Kirah recently posted to TikTok about her favorite gay male porn, prompting a barrage of nasty comments claiming that she is “heterosexual fetishist.” As Lucy Neville conducted a five-year study interviewing 500 women about this subject she discovered that many female viewers preferred watching gay male porn as it felt more authentic and natural than heterosexual pornography.

4. Become a model for a studio

If you want to become a gay porn star, the most efficient approach is applying to studios that are searching for models. Look for websites featuring guys that match up with your type (jock, bear, twink, dad or fetish). Many have applications you can fill out or links to producers emails where applications may exist or applications provided directly by studios can also be submitted directly for consideration by producers – be sure to adhere to any studio guidelines as this increases your chance of casting success!

Entering the porn industry can be dangerous; you may need to deceive family and friends about your profession, while finding employment once leaving is difficult. Have a plan in place when it is time to stop performing!

Male porn stars don’t typically earn much in the way of profits; only top performers can potentially make upwards of $100,000 annually, though most only work a handful of scenes each month, which means their total earnings range from roughly $500-1,000 per scene. Most supplement their income with personal websites, DVDs, appearances or escorting services as additional sources of revenue.

5. Become a model for a website

Though pornography might tempt you with money, take the time to evaluate its effect on your personal life before diving in head first. Consider what your finances and sexuality stand to gain or lose by choosing this lifestyle; also keep in mind what might come after its completion – your career choices may open or close doors that would otherwise remain open if they’d been considered beforehand.

Attractively pleasing bodies with muscular physiques are required of gay porn models, including having big dicks and sensuous booties to set you apart from the crowd. Furthermore, you must possess roleplay skills as well as being expressive through body language when doing roleplaying sessions or modeling projects.

Studies reveal that heterosexual men often enjoy viewing gay pornography. Studies also indicate that people’s sexual turn-ons do not always correlate to their sexual orientation – in fact, some heterosexual men find it exciting to view close-up images of other men’s genitalia, likely due to power dynamics inherent in male-male sexuality.

Gay-Friendly Travel Destinations in Asia

Asia is a huge continent with deeply conservative cultures. Nevertheless, LGBT travelers are finding it increasingly easy to enjoy their holiday in countries that don’t criminalize homosexuality and where social opinions are more open.

Some of the most gay-friendly travel destinations in Asia are highlighted below. However, it is recommended to keep a healthy dose of skepticism when visiting any country.


The Philippines is a tropical paradise with gorgeous gay-friendly beaches and welcoming bars. The cosmopolitan capital, Manila, welcomes LGBT visitors and offers a range of hotels that cater to the gay scene. You can stay in a luxury hotel with a rooftop bar or find a low-key boutique hotel with beautiful views. The islands offer stunning natural beauty, exotic sea life, and great hikes. Palawan is a must-visit, offering deep blue lagoons and dramatic wrecks.

The island of Boracay is a hotspot for partygoers, but it has more to offer than just that. It’s also one of the most LGBT-friendly travel destinations in Asia, and you can enjoy a relaxed beach holiday with lots of clubs and bars.

While there is still some homophobia in the Philippines, the country has made progress in recent years. In fact, it ranks in the top 15 of the most LGBT-friendly countries in the world. The quaint, picturesque city of Baguio in northern Luzon is another popular tourist destination that’s welcoming to LGBT travelers.

However, the southern part of the country is not safe for LGBT tourists due to the presence of terrorist groups. Travelers are advised to avoid areas in Mindanao and the Sulu archipelago. They may be subject to kidnapping, and some travelers have been murdered in the past.


One of the most popular gay-friendly travel destinations in Asia, Thailand is renowned for its tropical beaches and vibrant nightlife. The capital Bangkok is a great place to start, with a thriving gay scene and luxury hotels such as the So Sofitel, which boasts a spectacular rooftop bar offering sweeping views of the city skyline.

Pattaya is another gay-friendly destination, with several hotspots for travelers including Jomtien Complex and Boyztown. There is a more relaxed atmosphere here than in Bangkok, with cozy bars and less raucous entertainment. It is also a popular place for gay sex workers.

The Land of Smiles is a highly tolerant country and visitors will find it unlikely to encounter homophobia, but public displays of affection are frowned upon, so it’s advisable to stay discreet in crowded areas. It’s also worth noting that homosexual couples are not granted the same legal rights as heterosexual ones and gay marriage is not yet legally recognised.

If you want to party you can head to Silom, the main gay area in Thailand, where you can party at New York-styled Stranger bars and old-school establishments that used to have telephones on the tables so you could call anyone who caught your eye! Alternatively, head to Koh Lipe where you can enjoy a more secluded gay resort with a choice of beach cottages made from bamboo wood.


The infamous island paradise of Bali has long been a haven for gay travelers, thanks to a culture of tolerance and a recent influx of luxury hotels and bars catering to the community. However, the largely Muslim nation of Indonesia is still a conservative society, and harassment of LGBTQ people does occur.

In the capital Jakarta, it is especially important to exercise caution as homophobia and anti-gay sentiments are rising. But for the rest of the country, gay-friendly travel is relatively safe, and in cities like Hong Kong and Tokyo, you can enjoy swanky clubs, designer hotels, and delicious dining that cater to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Located on the second-smallest of the Gili Islands, this resort is ideal for those who prefer to avoid the madness of Gili T and are looking for a quieter escape. This gay-friendly resort features 55 cozy capsules that take inspiration from modern and minimalist living, a pool, and high-speed WiFi access.

Featuring a languid river, this secluded property is perfect for those who want to soak up some sun on the beach without being too far from the action. This gay-owned and operated resort offers beautiful villas with private pools and plenty of on-site facilities for guests to enjoy.


To explore all of Vietnam’s azure beaches and jungle-clad islands would take more than a year and even then, it wouldn’t be enough. But the country’s hedonistic Phuket and Krabi resorts do a good job of catering to gay and lesbian travelers.

Unlike many Asian destinations, Vietnam has never had anti-LGBT laws and is openly welcoming to LGBT visitors. A burgeoning LGBTQ scene is emerging here too, including several bars and restaurants in Phnom Penh, a city of ancient temples and modern-day shopping malls.

In the beachside cities of Danang and heritage hot spot Hoi An, there are a few gay-friendly hotels. In the capital of Hanoi, there are also plenty of gay-friendly hotels. One of the best is Forever Young, which offers a laid-back escape and is located just south of the city center.

Whether you want to visit Angkor Wat or savor the vivacious nightlife of Phuket, Vietnam is a top gay-friendly travel destination in Asia. It is a country with an exotic landscape and a rich history that will make you feel right at home. But be aware of its traditional and conservative attitudes towards homosexuality – displays of affection will likely attract disapproving looks. That said, as long as LGBTQIA+ travelers display discretion and respect local culture, they should have no problems in Vietnam.

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Fuck and Travel in Asia and Africa

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They can talk dirty in English, know some western songs, and get you in the mood for sex. The first thing that I recommend when you want to learn how to get laid in Asia and Africa would be to make sure you are armed with at least two condoms. If you are able to take your clothes off and you are not afraid of being naked then you should leave your clothes at home. Asian and African people are usually very conservative when it comes to sex and they will not appreciate you being half naked while you are trying to get laid. They also have different views on what is considered acceptable and what is not acceptable. You really need to check these things out before you go because many people have been hurt or have been put on stand-by in cases where the locals have brought them to their hotel room and have seen signs that say no to sex.

Local Culture

Also, make sure that you are aware of the local culture before you even leave your hotel room. If the local people around you are rude or intimidating then you should look for another place to stay because this one place may cause you a lot of trouble down the road. Going to Africa and Asia to get laid can be a lot of fun if you know what you are doing. Do not let anyone talk you into anything that you do not agree with or else you will be stuck with it forever. Go to Africa and Asia to experience things for yourself and to see what cultures are like. Then you will know how to fuck and travel in Africa and Asia.

Thailand gay travel beach

How to Spend Your Gay Time in Thailand: A Suggested Gay Guide

Thailand gay travel beach

Thailand has been called the ‘Land of Smiles’ and it is certainly a place with a warm and friendly vibe. A lot of expats from Western countries visit Thailand because they love gay time in Thailand. The sunny beaches, the people are very happy, the food is cheap. The bars and clubs are mainly safe for gay life (obviously). And you can have a lot of fun in the beautiful country. Thailand is also popular for its Thais, they are fun, trendy, fashionable. And they are always up for a bit of chat on the town. On the downside, Thailand does have a bit of an attitude problem regarding westerners taking up residence here. It is still recovering from the recent past and many crimes are still taking place so be careful if you plan on visiting alone or even with your friends or family. Thailand is not known as a very open country and some crimes are still happening so you need to be aware of what is going on before you travel here.

Thailand is home to some of the most amazing gay night spots anywhere in the world. They are scattered around the country and offer some of the best gay nights and discos anywhere in the world. They are usually swamped with tourists from Europe and America but there is still an independent feel to them that makes them special. Some of the bigger bars and clubs do charge a cover charge but you will be treated like royalty when you are there.

About Our Gay Time in Thailand Guide

A Gay Time in Thailand Gay Guide will help you navigate your way through Thailand and make sure that you have the time of your life while you are here. There is such a variety of things to do and see that you will never get bored. If you are a gay traveler then Thailand is the place for you. Thailand is safe for gay travel and much easier to get around than say, Europe or America. Make sure that when you are planning your trip to Thailand that you consult with a Thailand Gay Guide first so that you know exactly where you can find and enjoy yourself during your stay.

Gay Animal Hot Posing

This Week’s Top Stories About Gay Holidays

Gay Animal Hot Posing

Stories About Gay Holidays, the term itself is quite a bit self-explanatory. It is basically when somebody decides to have a gay vacation rather than going on a usual vacation with his/her loved ones. When it comes to gay holidays, you can find almost any place where you can travel as long as you know what city or country you want to go to. There are so many gay friendly places around the world you can travel to and they will surely open your eyes to different cultures. Just like traveling to any other country, the gay community in many cities does have a gay community center or a gay club so that everybody can socialize.

Stories About Gay Holidays includes so many fun things to do on the gay travel destinations. For instance, if you are traveling to Barcelona, you should definitely check out the Gay Museum. This art museum will let you explore the world of gay art in full detail. If you want to spend more time in Barcelona, then you can also check out Zucotti Square which is the main square of the city. You can easily spend a nice time dancing, dining, shopping, and watching the world go by at the same time!

Gay Holiday Travel

Stories About Gay Holidays includes gay travel experiences that most gay men would never have a chance to experience in their lifetime. You can see and experience new gay bars, gay clubs, and gay friendly places. Many gay travelers say that they had the time of their lives while on their gay holidays. They are mostly excited because they finally got to visit places they haven’t visited yet while on vacation. That’s why it is very important for people planning a gay vacation to make sure that they choose a reputable travel company that offers gay inclusive deals and affordable prices.